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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Where Two Hearts Meet Review!!!!!

Where Two Hearts Meet by Liz Johnson 

Book Description:
In her kitchen at the Red Door Inn, executive chef Caden Holt is calm, collected, and competent. But when her boss asks her to show off their beautiful island to impress a visiting travel writer and save the inn, Caden is forced to face a world much bigger than her kitchen--and a man who makes her wish she was beautiful.

My Opinion:
Lovely sequel :)  I really connected with Caden! :)  She became one of my favorite characters of the series in The Red Door Inn and at times I really felt akin to her in Where Two Hearts Meet!  The pace of the book flows nicely and the shocks make it interesting to say the least! ;)  There are times when I wondered why Liz decided to do something, and there's a character that I wanted to be wrapped up a little more, but I'm hoping she will be wrapped up in the next book.  I also wanted more Faith content: prayers, scripture, and the like.  There were a few scenes that I devoured; I just wanted more.  One scene in particular was REALLY GREAT; I could have read it over and over again!!!  The sub characters are as great as the lead characters and I find myself wanting them back as well! :)  I also found the set up and sneek peek for the next book to be HIGHLY intriguing!  I'm a little torn about the wrap up of this one, but I found the book as a whole to be entertaining and fun!

P.S. There's one really big thing that upset me about this book.......THERE AREN'T ANY RECIPES!  All of these GREAT goodies are mentioned and not one recipe!  (sigh) ;)

Songs: "Call It Grace" by Unspoken and "Worth It" by Francesca Battistelli
Songs etc. May be changed and/or added in the future. ~ASC

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10


*I requested and received this book from Revell for the purpose of reviewing it.  This in no way affected my opinion and the above are my true thoughts and feelings about Where Two Hearts Meet. ~ASC

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