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Saturday, January 30, 2016

With this Ring? review!!!!!!

With this Ring? by
Karen Witemeyer, Regina Jennings,

Book Description:
Humorous Historical Romance Novella
Collection Offers Love and Laughs

Four top historical romance novelists team up in this new collection to offer stories of love and romance with a twist of humor. In Karen Witemeyer's "The Husband Maneuver," Marietta Hawkins decides to grab the reins when the ranch foreman she loves seems to be leaving forever. Regina Jennings offers "Her Dearly Unintended," where friends stranded by a rising river pretend to be newlyweds when a dangerous stranger arrives. 

Mary Connealy's "Runaway Bride" finds a Texas ranger getting more than he expected when he rescues a young woman fleeing a dangerous arranged marriage. And Melissa Jagears' "Engaging the Competition" finds a young woman forced to assist the man she's often sparred with after an accident leaves him helpless. Each tale is a fun blend of history and romance that will delight readers.

My Opinion:
The Husband Maneuver by Karen Witemeyer

LOVE IT!  As always Karen spins out a tale that I didn't want to put down and I don't want to end! :)  Her style of writing never ceases to drag me into the story and not let me go until the last page!  I'm SO happy that Dan and Marietta get their story told and boy howdy is it a GREAT story!  I laughed, I sat at the edge of my seat, there may have been a tiny bit of swooning at times! LOL!  Seriously though I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this story and would read it again and again!  I especially love the format Karen uses for this novella, by starting each chapter with a Dime Novel chapter!  So not only was I hooked on one story I was hooked on two at the same time! :D

Her Dearly Unintended by Regina Jennings

WONDERFUL!  Regina's unique and entertaining tales always become fast favorites!  This one is no exception!  I LOVE the characters, their history, and the twists!  OH I laughed and devoured each chapter.  Regina has a tendency to leave me staying up late at night with the words "Oh just one more chapter" on my lips! ;)  The whole plot is highly entertaining from beginning to end and the picturesque detail she always adds to her stories make you feel like you're right there be it getting wet in the rain or smelling scorched milk! ;)  This is a MUST read and I can't express how much I love her style of writing as well as her locations!

Runaway Bride by Mary Connealy 

AWESOME!  Returning to these characters was like meeting old friends again!  I'm so happy that the ranger gets his story!  I absolutely LOVE how Mary writes, and the action scenes?...EXCELLENTLY done!  All of my favorite characters come together again to fight side by side against yet another bothersome villain!  And boy is this guy a piece of work?! I LOVE how Mary gives us a look at where all of these well loved characters have ended up after their stories, bringing in families and remembering to even tell us about sub characters outcomes!  This is one of my favorite stories and one of my all time favorite series!  I highly, HIGHLY recommend it all!

Engaging the Competition by Melissa Jagears

LOVELY!  I LOVE the title of this one and it fits this story excellently!  I loved and felt a kin to Charlotte as the story went on, but while I also like Harrison he did bother me sometimes with how he read Charlotte the wrong way at times.  Misunderstandings stand between these two and trouble stirs around bullies as bad guys!  Bringing these two together took some doing let me tell you! :)  But it all comes together in a highly satisfying story! 

Overall: I simply LOVE novella collections!  Especially with all of my favorite authors!  Whoever came up with this concept is a genius! ;)  With this Ring? is a fabulous collection of western romances and has become one of my all time favorite collections I've read thus far! :)

Songs: "God Gave Me You" by Dave Barnes
Songs etc. May be changed and/or added in the future. ~ASC

Isaiah 29:11


*I requested and received this book from Bethany House for the purpose of reviewing it.  This in no way affected my opinion and the above are my true thoughts and feelings about With this Ring?. ~ASC

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