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Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall preview!

Good Afternoon!  
Well the weather here in New Mexico sure has turned chilly of late!  
I've never been very fond of the cold, but I do love curling up under my quilt and puff quilt with a good book and a lovely cup of tea! :)

I have many books lined up to review, one
 I just finished is 
The Girl from the Train!  
I'll be getting to that review here soon!

I'm in the middle of Rodeo Rescuer 

The Matchmaker Match is at the top of my to read pile! 
(I also wanted to share my latest crochet project I finished up a little while ago: My Bumble Bee Teapot Cozy!  

I'm REALLY excited about

The Imposter


Fire and Ice

and many more! :D

So what's on your reading list this fall?

I'll be adding some product reviews here pretty soon that I'm really excited about also!  I hope you enjoy and if you know anyone that would love my blog or reviews PLEASE SHARE and if you don't already PLEASE FOLLOW I'd love to have ya! :)

Many Blessings and STAY WARM!


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