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Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Mistress of Tall Acre Review!

The Mistress of Tall Acre by Laura Frantz

Book Description:
There can be only one mistress of Tall Acre . . .

The American Revolution is finally over, and Sophie Menzies is starved for 
good news. When her nearest neighbor, General Seamus Ogilvy, finally comes home to Tall Acre, she hopes it is a sign of better days to come. But the general is now a widower with a small daughter in desperate need of a mother. Nearly destitute, Sophie agrees to marry Seamus and become the mistress of Tall Acre in what seems a safe, sensible arrangement. But when a woman from the general's past returns without warning, the ties that bind this fledgling family together will be strained to the utmost. When all is said and done, who will be the rightful mistress of Tall Acre?

Triumph and tragedy, loyalty and betrayal--you will find it all in the rich pages of this newest novel from the talented pen of Laura Frantz.

My Opinion:
Simply, Breathtakingly, Brilliant!  I'm not sure I can express to you just how much I LOVE this book!  Oh, I could read it again and again!  From the very first page Laura grabbed me and drug me into the lives of her amazing characters!  I didn't want to leave them!  First of all, Laura writes little girl VERY well! ;)  Lily Cate quickly stole my heart and continually brought a smile to my face!  
And every character from Seamus and Sophie right down to the housekeeper and spinners are awesome, be they lovable or otherwise! :)  

This is one of those books that has, hands down, made it to my favorite books list and has a very special place in my heart!  The faith and Biblical references are beautiful and placed exquisitely throughout.  The pace of the story flows from scene to scene excellently and the plot weaves secrets of the past and present brilliantly!  The book description leaves you with the feeling of being at the edge of your seat just waiting for the other shoe to drop and when it does oh buddy is it good! :D  Laura has a way of being able to break your heart right along with her character's, and patch it all up by the end!  And I must commend Laura for the way she writes about the marriage bed!  Some authors take it just too far with too much detail especially for Christian Fiction!  As a Christian and single young woman I thank you Laura for being beautifully discreet!  

I want more with these characters!   I would love for Laura to go on and return to Tall Acre maybe with Lily Cate's story? ;)  Overall I absolutely recommend you read this book!  A fabulous journey filled with danger, secrets, lies, joys, sadness, history, love, betrayal, and much, much, more!  

Songs: "
Before the Morning" by Josh Wilson, "Blessings" by Laura Story, and "Lift Your Head Weary Sinner (Chains)" by Crowder
Songs etc. May be changed and/or added in the future. ~ASC

John 8:32, Jeremiah 29:11


*I requested and received this book from Revell for the purpose of reviewing it.  This in no way affected my opinion and the above are my true thoughts and feelings about The Mistress of Tall Acre. ~ASC

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