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Monday, August 3, 2015

Sanctuary for a Lady Review!!!

Sanctuary for a Lady by Naomi Rawlings

Book Description:
The injured young woman Michel Belanger finds in the woods is certainly an aristocrat. And in the midst of France's bloody revolution, sheltering nobility merits a trip to the guillotine. Yet despite the risk, Michel knows he must bring the wounded girl to his cottage to heal.

Attacked by soldiers and left for dead, Isabelle de La Rouchecauld has lost everything. A duke's daughter cannot hope for mercy in France, so escaping to England is her best chance of survival. The only thing more dangerous than staying would be falling in love with this gruff yet tender man of the land. Even if she sees, for the first time, how truly noble a heart can be….

My Opinion:
Such a great book!!!  I am SO happy that I got to read this book!  God is so good!  I never knew I wanted to read Sanctuary for a Lady, but it showed up in the mail along with a book I had won!  I didn't know it was coming, I didn't know I would like it, and since this is her first published book I hadn't read anything from Naomi before!  All I knew is that it had an intriguing book description!  I was wonderfully surprised!!!  From the start it was very deep and yet there were things that made me laugh as I read on!  Set during the French Revolution, danger and sadness are rampant.  They didn't call it The Terror for nothing!  Fear is a huge obstacle for Isabelle, forgiveness is another one.  I absolutely LOVED reading along with her as she overcomes them both by the grace of God!  Michel also has obstacles he must overcome.  The greatest being guilt.  Because of these obstacles this book becomes filled with amazing messages of Truth and Faith!  I love, love, love so many of these scenes!  The twists that Naomi throws in are wonderful, even though I new one was coming it still blew me out of the water with unpredictable characters!  There are few things that I wish were different, one being that a French dictionary was added.  There are a few characters that we're not really sure what happens to them, but this goes with the times.  Uncertainty abounded during the French Revolution and Naomi expresses that in this fantastic story or love, loss, pain, hope, forgiveness, and much more!   

Songs: "One Day At A Time" sung by Cristy Lane, there are a handful of versions of this hymn on amazon, but I settled on this one..."Oh God Our Help In Ages Past" by Mike Curb Congregation
Songs etc. May be changed and/or added in the future. ~ASC

1 Corinthians 6, Psalm 82


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