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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Would you want to buy Poll!

As you may have noticed, [I hope! :) ] 
there is a new poll up on the right side of my blog!  

And I want to thank the person who has voted on it!
In response to your awesome answer my fingers and crochet hook flew through a pair of fingerless gloves! :D
So without further adieu!
May I present!

My Bobble Bee Fingerless Gloves! (A Follower First item***)

These gloves are made from 100% gold and black acrylic yarn!
They measure as follows:

(Thumb notes: I'm not very good at measuring for the thumb, but it fits mine which is about 3 in. around)

They are for sale for $20.93 (including shipping and tax)!  
Purchase is through paypal
PLEASE measure your hands and make sure these fit you before purchasing, I offer NO refunds at this time!
If you are interested please leave a comment with your 
email address or email me at ascphotos87063ATgmailDOTcom
 and I will be in touch! :)

Once again a huge THANK YOU to you who answered my poll!

Haven't voted yet?  Please do!  Look to the right side at the top under the search bar and vote until your heart's content! :)

P.S. I am working in acrylics right now mainly because of the warmer weather, but if there is someone out there where there is still cold weather and you may be interested in Wool fingerless gloves PLEASE let me know!  And I'll post what I've got also! :) ~ASC

***A Follower's First item means my blog followers are the first to see and get the opportunity to buy this item.  
After a certain amount of time I will post it to facebook also!

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