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Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Creole Princess Review!

The Creole Princess by Beth White

Book Description:
Torn between loyalties to family and flag, one young woman is about to discover that her most important allegiance is to her heart.

It is 1776, and all along the eastern seaboard the American struggle for independence rages. But in the British-held southern port of Mobile, Alabama, the conflict brewing is much quieter--though no less deadly. 

Lyse Lanier may be largely French in heritage, but she spends most of her time in the company of the ebullient daughter of the British commander of Mobile. When a charming young Spanish merchant docks in town, Lyse is immediately struck by his easy wit and flair for the dramatic. But is he truly who he makes himself out to be? Spies abound, and Spain has yet to choose a side in the American conflict. Is Lyse simply an easy mark for Rafael Gonzalez to exploit? Or are his overtures of love as genuine as Spanish gold?

With spectacular detail that brings the cultural gumbo of the Colonial Gulf Coast alive, Beth White invites you to step into a world of intrigue and espionage from a little-known slice of the American Revolutionary War.

My Opinion:

What an amazing book!!!!!!!  I enjoyed the first book enough to want to read on in the Gulf Coast Chronicles, and I am SO happy I did!  I LOVE this book even more than the first one!!!!  Within the first three or four pages I knew it was going to make it to My Favorite Books List!  There were times it was so good I was left speechless, but then we'd have no review!  ;)  So I'll try to put into words how amazing this book is without giving too much away!  From the beginning I immediately fell in love with the characters!  And I really enjoyed how Beth weaves in connections to the last book while keeping it a possible stand alone!  Though I did find it was cooler when I would read something and know exactly what they were talking about as far as past characters!  Spunky doesn't even begin to describe Lyse and charming doesn't even begin to describe Rafael!  These two are quite the pair and only the beginning as far as awesome characters!  The Historical aspects in the story are also fabulous!  I never really knew Spain's role in the American Revolution and I found it all highly intriguing and very interesting!  I also think that Beth expressed the atrocities slaves faced in this day and age well; just scratching the surface and not going too deep or getting too graphic.  A wonderful pace takes us through years as these characters grow and change together as war looms then comes.  Twists and surprises pop up as the plot thickens!  The only thing that seemed a little sad for me is that it ended kind of abruptly; though I think that could just be because I didn't want it to end at all!  Because I didn't want it to end I can not WAIT for the next book!  Shocking surprises and great adventure awaits within these pages and I HIGHLY recommend you read it!!!!!

Songs: "De Colores" sung by José-Luis Orozco, "Fix My Eyes (Radio Version)" by for KING & COUNTRY, and "Beulah Land" sung by Casting Crowns

Songs etc. May be changed and/or added in the future. ~ASC

Psalms 16:1


*I requested and received this book from Revell for the purpose of reviewing it.  This in no way affected my opinion and the above are my true thoughts and feelings about The Creole Princess. ~ASC

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