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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Spring Blossoms Review!

Spring Blossoms by Beverly Nault

Book Description:
It's springtime in Cherryvale, and when Cupid says, "make it a double," town organizer Grace Harkins is busier than ever planning not one but two weddings. Threatening her joy though, a newcomer stirs up long-buried fears, and when a very public meltdown exposes her emotions, everyone in town wonders if Grace has finally taken on too much. Welcome to Cherryvale, where neighbors share, gardeners care, and God allows do-overs. The trees along the CherryPath are blooming, the weather's glorious, and life is about to become exciting for folks in the town everyone wants to come home to.

My Opinion:
I don't want it to end! :)  I have really enjoyed and loved going to Cherryvale and reading along with Grace and her friends; I am SO happy God led me to this great author and her fabulous stories!  This one, the last in the series, is a wonderful wrap up with new beginnings!  I love the way Beverly brings her characters to new ventures as a way to end the series, because it feels like they still go on even if the books don't!  The messages are as deep and heart felt as ever!  In the beginning we are grabbed with great romance, and of course a little humor!  I really felt along with Grace as she struggles through the stress and issues she's facing.  Overcoming fears and working past bad feelings she comes to a whole new chapter in her life.  Maggie of course is right in the middle of things and many other well loved characters come back in to send everything off on a high note!  In Spring Blossoms Grace must push herself to move past hurt and angry feelings she holds towards a strange new comer, and Beverly captures the "who's that girl, where did she come from, and why is she everywhere" feelings! LOL!  I think maybe I've felt for Grace through this book the most because I've been there!  From happiness, to sorrow, from new life, to leaving this world behind, from plannings to parties, Spring Blossoms brings you through many emotions and lessons along the way!  I highly recommend you looking into the series and being introduced to the wonderful characters in the lovely town of Cherryvale! :)

Songs: "It Is Well With My Soul (Album Version)" performed by Chris Rice, "The Way You Look Tonight" by Frank Sinatra, "When They Ring Those Golden Bells" by The Cluster Pluckers, and "Morning Has Broken" by Third Day

 Songs etc. May be changed and/or added in the future. ~ASC

John 14:27, Psalm 91:4-8


*I received a review copy of this book from Beverly for the purpose of reviewing it.  This in no way affected my opinion and the above are my true feelings about Spring Blossoms. ~ASC


  1. When I saw the cover I thought it was just a book for the younger generation.
    However, after reading your review and seeing it talks about working through things she overcame, I believe it could also be for older generations.

    Thank you!

    1. Oh good! I LOVE to hear that my reviews reveal new things! :) It most definitely is for an older generation! Beverly's writing is excellent and all of the books I've read from her are for young and old generations alike! But I think this one is for the older, more so because of the depth of the situations Grace goes through. I loved it because it shows that no matter how old we are and no matter where we are God can always write a new chapter for our lives! :) Plus Cherryvale is a great place to "visit"! ;)


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