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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hidden Agenda Review!

Hidden Agenda by Lisa Harris

Book Description:
Michael Hunt is alive--and on the run. Presumed dead by friends and family, the undercover assignment he's been working for the past eight months has just been blown. With a hit out on his life and corruption inside the Atlanta police department, Michael finds himself hunted by both the cartel and the law. His only hope is the daughter of the man who wants him dead.

This nonstop chase from taut suspense writer Lisa Harris will leave readers breathless as they race to connect the dots before it's too late.

My Opinion:
An interesting wrap up to an interesting series.  I have followed the Southern Crimes series all the way through!  And I'm glad I did!  Lisa Harris was a new author to me, and while I am torn with this last one I'm still happy I was able to get into this series!  Lisa has a beautiful and real way of weaving Faith and great messages into her suspense books!  Avery is still one of my favorite characters and many past characters come back as the whole family tries to get things sorted out along with a batch of fresh "faces".  Now when I say I am torn with this book it is because there were scenes I was on the edge of my seat, scenes where I laughed, but then there were scenes that I felt were just okay or  in the wrong place.  The beginning started out GREAT!  Fast paced and suspenseful!  I dove right in, but then there where some lulls in the pace as the book progressed.  There where a couple of times when the writing didn't line up with the rest of the story also.  The overall mystery or topic is interesting and centered around the cartel, but it did seem that topics jumped around without really landing on one in particular.  But in the end I LOVE how Lisa wraps it all up, and I LOVE the way Lisa writes the Christian messages!!!  If for nothing else I recommend this book for those messages, and these great characters!

Songs that I think go with the feelings in the story: "Greater" by MercyMe, "Voice Of Truth" by Casting Crowns, "Hurricane" by Natalie Grant, and "Oh Fear (My God Is Near)" by Moriah Peters
Songs etc. May be changed and/or added in the future. ~ASC

Luke 8:17, John 8:31-32


*I requested and received this book from Revell for the purpose of reviewing it.  This in no way affected my opinion and the above are my true thoughts and feelings about Hidden Agenda. ~ASC

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