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Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Pelican Bride Review!!!

The Pelican Bride by Beth White

Book Description:
It is 1704 when Genevieve Gaillain and her sister board a French ship headed for the Louisiana colony as mail-order brides. Both have promised to marry one of the rough-and-tumble Canadian men in this New World in order to escape religious persecution in the Old World. Genevieve knows life won't be easy, but at least here she can establish a home and family without fear of beheading. But when she falls in love with Tristan Lanier, an expatriate cartographer whose courageous stand for fair treatment of native peoples has made him decidedly unpopular in the young colony, Genevieve realizes that even in this land of liberty one is not guaranteed peace. And a secret she harbors could mean the undoing of the colony itself.

My Opinion:
A Great journey!!!  From the beginning Beth grabbed me with her expressive writing.  Then the humor also took hold.  I REALLY enjoyed reading about the courageous and Faithful Genevieve.  In fact the majority of the characters I loved.  Even when Genevieve's baby sister turns out to be spoiled and selfish I grew to love her as she grows up and redeems her actions, I really would like to find out where she ends up.  I really enjoyed the history in the story and I personally think that the details and information were just right, not too much and not too little.  Beth wrote in her "A Word to the Reader" that she feels she loaded the story with way too much information and that she suspects to get criticism "on both ends of the spectrum".  Not from me.  I have read books where the details and descriptions just go on and on, but not in The Pelican Bride.  As a matter of fact she is one of those authors that I wish had written my high school history books (I probably would have enjoyed History more if she had!) ;) .  There are some things with the twists and turns in the plot that got a little confusing at times however.  There is SO much packed into this journey that it blew my mind at times!!! LOL! :D  The twists and cliff hangers at the end of chapters and paragraphs are artfully done in a way that made me feel I had to go on to see what was possibly going to happen next!  Betrayal and danger crop up around every corner, but also Faith and love bloom in the sweltering heat of the early south!  Love, sadness, Faith, pain, sorrow, murder, treason, deception, humor, betrayal, and much more weave the story of The Pelican Bride together.  Rapidly paced Beth brings all things into a nice finale; wrapping up almost all loose ends.  I recommend this as a good read, with a deep plot, graphic detail, and beautiful romance!

Songs: "Whom Shall I Fear [God of Angel Armies]" by Chris Tomlin, "You Won't Let Go" by Michael W. Smith, "Don't Give Up" by Calling Glory
These songs may be changes or more may be added in the future. 

Matthew 5


*I requested and received this book as a member of Revell Reads and for the purpose of reviewing it.  The above is my honest opinion of The Pelican Bride. ~ASC

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