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Friday, April 4, 2014

Sincerely Yours Review!!!

Sincerely Yours 
 Laurie Alice Eakes, Ann Shorey, Amanda Cabot, Jane Kirkpatrick

Book Description:
Four unexpected letters. Four intrepid women. Four lives changed forever.
Spanning a century and a continent, these romantic novellas will lead you on a journey through the landscape of love. Four young women find their lives altered after each receives a letter that sets her on a new path. From a Hudson River steamboat to a lush drawing room, from a carousel carver's workshop to a remote hospital, you'll be swept into the lives of women who are making their way in the world and finding love where they least expect it.

Moonlight Promise by Laurie Alice Eakes
Camilla Renfrew is a highborn English lady fleeing false accusations when she runs smack into love on a steamboat bound for the new Erie Canal. But can this unexpected attraction survive the treacherous journey?

Lessons in Love by Ann Shorey
Marigold Montgomery Bentley writes marriage advice for Kipler's Home Weekly even though she is single. Everyone assumes from the initials that "M. M." is a man. When the editor asks to meet Mr. Bentley, can Merrie come up with a ruse to keep her writing job?

One Little Word by Amanda Cabot
Lorraine Caldwell will lose her family fortune to a reckless cousin if she doesn't marry quickly. When she learns her long-lost brother is alive, she hopes she's found the answer to her problems. What she finds instead is a mysterious carousel carver who turns her life upside down. 

A Saving Grace by Jane KirkpatrickGrace Hathaway must rescue a dear friend from a remote and notorious clinic that promises healing but delivers only heartache. In a place laced with deceit, where lives hang in the balance, whom can she trust to help her?

My Opinion:
Home run!!!  I jumped at the chance to read this book because I knew and love two authors, wanted to read one, and the other is new to me! :)  I was not disappointed!

First it begins with Laurie's great tale on a steamboat! :)  I love her way with words, and as she always does for me Laurie grabbed me from the beginning with a GREAT start and then wouldn't let go!  The characters and circumstances are great.  Some secrets lie within this story as the main characters come to learn what is truly important.  The spunk and strength of these characters really fleshes out the story and I love their whole relationship from start to finish.  The authors note just ties it all up, going into the history behind the story. Laurie is becoming on of my favorite authors!  Steamboats, danger, enemies, jewels, and love await in this first tale.

Next was Ann Shorey's Lessons in Love.  This one is lovely!  I love Ann's writing!  The overall concept of a women journalist attempting to hide here identity is highly entertaining to me as you, as the reader, see where problems may arise, and in many cases they surely do!  I love the characters in this one as well.  Merrie is a smart character whose articles are fantastic!  And her love interest Colin is a sweet and lovable character.  I loved the end, love this author, love the pace, and love the history within the story.  Excellent second novella.

Then there's Amanda Cabot's One Little Word!  It is Excellent!  I have wanted to read Amanda's work before, but hadn't had the pleasure.  I have been missing out!  Her style is wonderful and her descriptions are fantastic!  She infected me with carousel fever!!! LOL!  And then in the authors note I found out that was her intention all along!!! :D This is the occupation that really peaked my interest in the overall book description, and I love all that I learned about carousels and what went/goes into them!  But that's not the only thing that intrigued me in this.  From a beautiful and fun inn to discovering God's great provisions and plans One Little Word is great!

And Finally Jane's A Saving Grace.  This was the first book from Jane I've read.  What a story!!!  This is a VERY high suspense thriller that I couldn't put down!  I HAD to get to the end to see what would happen and how it would happen.  Grace is an amazing friend that is The Lord's instrument in taking down horrible foes!  I was, however, haunted to find that the villains in this novella actually lived and did the things depicted here.  This is a sweet and awesome tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat!  I am SO happy it wasn't any longer though! LOL!  I'm not sure I could have taken the suspense for even a few more chapters!  From twists to anticipation I highly enjoyed this read.

Overall I LOVE all of these stories!  I really enjoy novella collections like this.  But usually I have a favorite among them, one that stands out from the rest, but not so with this one!  I LOVED them all and couldn't choose a favorite if I tried.  Revell hit a home run with these four authors and their stories!!!  The only thing that really bothered me is my personal pet peeve; He when referring to God isn't capitalized.  But I digress.

*Songs: "Nocturne in E Flat Major, Op. 9, No. 2" by Chopin, "Butterfly Waltz - Piano and Cello" by Wedding Day Music, "Chopin - Preludes - Sostenuto - Db major - Rain Drop" by Chopin, "All Through the Night" by Melanie Hoffman***, "Softly And Tenderly" by Alan Jackson, "Be Thou My Vision"**, "Before the Morning" by Josh Wilson, and "Standing On The Promises" by Alan Jackson

2 Corinthians 12:9, 1 Corinthians 12:4-6, Psalm 32:8, Isaiah 49:10, 


Giveaway: Jane Kirkpatrick is hosting a giveaway on her blog!  Click Here!!!

*Songs maybe added or changed in the future.
**Amazon doesn't have a version of this hymn that I liked or went with the books.  If I ever find an MP3 that goes I will link it here. 
***"All Through the Night" Perry Como's version 

I Received this book for the purpose of reviewing it from Revell.  This in no way affected my opinion and the above are my true thoughts and feelings. ~ASC


  1. Amada -- Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review Sincerely Yours. I'm absolutely delighted that you enjoyed all four of our stories, and I know I speak for the other authors when I say "thank you" for helping to promote our book.

  2. Thank you Amanda! :) You gave me carousel fever!!! LOL! Now every carousel I see I start studying it to see all the effort put into it! Thank you for sharing the gifts God has given you with me and all of your readers! It has been my pleasure to promote Sincerely Yours!

    Many Blessings, Amada

  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed the novellas in the Sincerely Yours collection! I know each of us had fun writing them.
    Blessings to you,

    1. Thank you Ann! :) I really had fun reading them! I really loved your plot and laughed and loved the end SO much I almost read it again and again!

      Hugs, ASC


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