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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Minding Molly Review!!!

Minding Molly by Leslie Gould

Book Description:
Molly Zook Has Everything Planned Just Right.
Or So She Thinks!

Molly Zook's always liked being in control, so she's struggling with her mother's wish that, to save the family farm, she marry Mervin Mosier. Especially after Molly meets Leon Fisher. He's from Montana but is now training horses at a nearby ranch. He's tall and muscular and confident--Molly has never met anyone like him and she's sure he feels the same about her.

Determined to let nothing get between them, Molly tries to coax Mervin into falling back in love with Molly's best friend, Hannah. A weekend camping trip in the Poconos could be just the 

place. . .but things quickly go awry, and it seems Leon and Hannah might be falling for each other instead! Will Molly keep struggling to control everyone and everything around her? Or will she learn to let God handle the twists and turns of her life?

My Opinion:
A nice rendition.  Leslie definitely captures the, he loves her, who loves him, who loves her, who loves him aspect of A Midsummer Nights Dream!  I was interested in how Leslie was going to do this without the fairies, since they play such a big role in Shakespeare's play, and I LOVE how she did it!  I don't want to give it away though so that's all I'll say on that. ;)  I loved that Molly's family owns a flower farm and her farmers market.  Mentioned in nearly every description is something pertaining to God's creations be it flowers, trees, or birds.  I LOVE how Leslie has come up with characters and stories that have grown and stand on their own feet even as she weaves Shakespeare's base throughout.  By bringing back loved characters from the previous books; Cate, Bob, Nan, Betsy, Mervin and Martin, as well as Addie, Nel, and Hannah etc. all come back into this latest book to wrap the whole series together and make it unique.  The way Leslie writes in the first person really makes me get the emotions of the characters and scenes all the more.  I could feel the frustration and sadness of Molly's predicament and mourning.  There where times when I didn't want Molly to end up with the man she marries in the end, but as the book went on I was happy with who ended up with whom all the way around! :)  I really love the additions (such as the scene when they all follow each other into the woods) and exclusions (such as the lack of fairies and turning someone into a donkey!) from Midsummer Nights Dream in Minding Molly.  Again I think I like Leslie's Amish rendition more than Shakespeare's original work.  I also love the spiritual messages and lessons.  As the title suggests Molly is a bit of a control freak! LOL!  And I will admit that I myself have some of these issues.  So I really loved the message of letting go and letting God.  There are some sad moments that I wish were different in the end, but after being introduced with the next two character's, Bea and Ben, I can't wait to read Becoming Bea and I hope that it will bring joy from the sadness in Minding Molly's end concerning certain characters! :)  Overall this is another great read from Leslie filled with great scenes, mixed with humor, and held up by love and Faith!

Songs: "In The Garden" by Alan Jackson, "I'm Letting Go" by Francesca Battistelli, and 
"Steady My Heart" by Kari Jobe
Songs may change in the future.

John 13:34


*I received this book from Bethany House because I was interested in reading and review it.  This in no way affected my opinion and the above are my true thoughts and feelings about Minding Molly. ~ASC

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