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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best Fiction Books of 2013 Blog Hop!!!!

My list consists of books that I loved and/or made a great and lasting impression! :)

This book has a new cover now but this is the one it had when I read the book and the one I like the best.  :) ~ASC

P.S. I have to include 1 Non-fiction.  Those of you that follow my reviews know that I don't usually stray from Fiction, but every now and then I'll take the leap and take a chance on non-fiction (etc.) this was one of those books and I am SO happy I did!  This book is FABULOUS!


  1. Can you believe I have not read any of your picks, but I've seen them all and am interested. My TBR pile just increased by a lot. Hugs!!!

    1. LOL! Great! I'm always happy when I help add great books to someone's TBR list! :D I REALLY recommend Under a Blackberry Moon especially! I read it twice and it was fabulous every time! I could even read it a third time! Happy New Year! May it be a blessed one!

      Hugs and happy reading, ASC

  2. I loved Winter in Full Bloom as well! Great list! :)

    1. It is a great book isn't it! I REALLY want to go to Australia now after reading it! LOL! Anita is a great author! Thank you Ashley and thanks for reading! :)

      Happy New Year, ASC


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