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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Salvaged Webisodes Review!!!

FABULOUS!!!  First let me share with you a little.  God is Awesome!!!  I received the invite for this blog tour in my SPAM folder.  I usually don't read my SPAM messages but I looked up the book series and seeing it was Young Adult (which is not a genre I usually read and review) I didn't think it was for me and without thinking anything else of it I went ahead and emptied my SPAM.  Then I felt a tug like I shouldn't have done it!  So I started praying and praying and praying.  I asked God that if I made a mistake and I should join the tour, for Him to PLEASE make the message come back (because of coarse after deleting SPAM the message is gone and not retrievable).  The next morning I'm going through my Inbox and guess what was there!?  Yup!  The same invite that had been in my SPAM was just sitting there waiting for me.  So I got my answer! :D  I watched the first sample episode after signing up and was hooked, and I am SO happy The Lord intervened!  Our God is an AWESOME GOD!!!  

Now on to my review...
This is a GREAT show and I hope they make it big and I REALLY would LOVE for it to be sold on DVD so I can get it and watch it again and again!  I personally felt that some of the acting was a bit strained at times but a lot of it is wonderful, and I really like how it's filmed.  The look of it is nice.  The actors interact with each other beautifully and the writing is FANTASTIC!!!  Lovably silly at times and beautifully deep at others.  Plus the message of healing is expressed nicely!!!  The whole cast is great especially Bret Green and Jayna Sweet!  And while Jesus didn't look the way I personally picture Him (we all have our own picture though I think) Marc Yellin does a fantastic job with his delivery and presence and I LOVED his scenes.  In short... I WANT MORE!!! :D

And I couldn't resist adding a couple of my own song choices! "Oh, Good Grief (Album Version)" Vince Guaraldi Trio and "Charlie Brown Theme (Album Version)" Vince Guaraldi Trio

This show is FANTASTIC!!!  If you need more info and you missed my previous post with Stefne Miller's Interview you can find it HERE!!!  

As always thank you, thank you, thank you to my readers! :)  Hugs and God Bless ~ASC


  1. Hi Amanda,

    Thank you for your review! So glad you liked the Salvaged Series too. Please keep Stefne Miller and her team as they continue to share this message.

    1. Thank you. I hope it does VERY well!

      Blessings, ASC

  2. Amanda,
    I'm so, so happy that you loved the Salvaged Series! And the story of how you got to the point of seeing it and reviewing it - amazing! God is so great!
    If you see hits from OK coming back to this page over and over, it's me. Reading this review makes my heart very happy - on multiple levels.
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you! Yes He is! I am SO happy He gave me a second chance! :D I'm so glad! The show did the same for my heart and I pray it does VERY well and we get more and more!!! :D

      Hugs! and Many Blessings! ~ASC


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