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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The House at Rose Creek Review

The House at Rose Creek by Jenny Proctor
Note: As always the following is my honest opinion, and how I personally felt about this book.

Book Description:
Deep in the rolling hills of North Carolina lay the idyllic town of Rose Creek. Home to the Walker clan for generations, the family farmhouse was the ideal place to grow up. And for Kate, orphaned at age six, the home her mother grew up in was a haven of healing and love. But as the future beckoned, Kate slowly pulled away from her family and her home, never to return. Until now. Beautiful career woman Kate Sinclair has built a successful life for herself, even as she's haunted by the decisions that led to her estrangement from those once so dear to her. When tragedy strikes her family, Kate realizes the time has come to return home. Awaiting her is an animosity she expected, as well as a shock she never could have anticipated: her family's home is in danger of being destroyed. Despite her reservations, Kate makes the decision to stay in Rose Creek for a time to help her family. As she slowly begins to reestablish her roots in the close-knit community, she finds herself increasingly attached to Andrew, a man with charm, charisma and a secret. And when Kate discovers the diary of an early family member who has immigrated to the United States, she finds strength in his belief in God as she explores her new relationship with Andrew and works to rebuild ties within her family. But when the pressures of the house problems and the disdain from family members gets too tough, the lure of the city calls, and Kate is forced to make an impossible decision: will she return to the life she worked so hard to build in the city or risk everything for an unknown future in Rose Creek?

My Opinion:
I'm disappointed.  I don't like this book very much yet there were things that I did like.  Let me start with I was not aware that this is about Mormonism when I got it and wasn't made aware of it until I was half way into the book.  I did find that this book points out that we can't lump all people together!  There are different Mormons just like there are different everything else.  Baptists, Methodists, etc.  I was a little conflicted with the story also and ended up skimming.  The prologue really grabbed me, I loved the kids characters, especially her niece, and there were some things that intrigued me like the journal she finds as well as the story of her ancestors, but after the prologue there were lulls in the pace.  I wish there had been a little more...I'm not really sure what; I just felt like something was missing.  I disagree with the interpretations of scripture, but there were things stated that I do agree with like Jesus is the Son of God and He died for our sins, but there were quite a few things I don't agree with and found the interpretations strange.  I think Jenny Proctor is great with words and I enjoyed some scenes with the searching of her ancestors and how the conflict with the house is resolved, but I REALLY wish this book was up front with me about the Mormon base by starting something about it on the back cover and book description.  After reading about the author I realize now that had I read about Jenny first I would have been able to see that Mormonism was going to be throughout this book.  Overall my opinion of this book is not a fond one; I feel mislead and disappointed.  But that's my opinion.

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