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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Courting Campaign Review!!!

The Courting Campaign 
by Regina Scott

Book Description: 
The Nobleman and the Nanny 

Emma Pyrmont has no designs on handsome Sir Nicholas Rotherford—at least not for herself. As his daughter's nanny, she sees how lonely little Alice has been. With the cook's help, Emma shows the workaholic scientist just what Alice needs. But making Nicholas a better father makes Emma wish her painful past didn't mar her own marriage chances. 

Ever since scandal destroyed his career, Nicholas has devoted himself to his new invention. Now his daughter's sweet, quick-witted nanny is proving an unexpected distraction. All evidence suggests that happiness is within reach—if only a man of logic can trust in the deductions of his own heart.

My Opinion:
Simply Charming!  This is the First Love Inspired book I think I have read and I really enjoyed it!  When I first came to find out about the Love Inspired books I was afraid they would be all lovey dovey with no meat to the stories.  Then I read the book description about The Courting Campaign.  I was greatly intrigued and I was not disappointed in the least!  I LOVE the way Regina writes and the pace of her story is fabulous; with scenes seamlessly flowing in to others!  I love the way she entwines the prayers of the main characters within their thoughts, I love the characters themselves, and I love the whole plot with it's twists and surprises!  I have always enjoyed regency novels with it's center of British places and style and The Courting Campaign has become one of my all time favorites.  From the experiments to the twists I was captured completely by this tale.  Alice is charming to say the least and sweet as can be, and the chemistry between Emma and Nick is fabulous!  This book, as well as it's characters, proved to be clever, quick, charming, courageous  and lovable!  From the beginning to the end I was laughing and completely in awe of the surprises!!!  I think you will really enjoy this read as much as I do!  And I was so excited when I found out that this is just the beginning of a series!  I CAN'T WAIT for more!!! :)

The songs that I feel go with this book are:  "Minuet in G" by Ludwig Von Beethoven, "Minuet" by Wedding Songs Music, and "Orphan's of God" by Avalon.

Exodus 14:14


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*I received this book after requesting it for the purpose of giving an honest review.  This in no way affected my opinion and the above is my honest opinion of The Courting Campaign. ~ASC


  1. Thanks so much for the info and review. It sounds like something I would enjoy.

    Have a great weekend! :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by and reading! :) I hope you do enjoy it. It was a REALLY good book and I loved it all the way through to the very last page in the Epilogue! :D

      You to!

      Blessings, ASC


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